LIMITED EDITION - This bright and uplifting blend lightens the spirit and radiates feel-good vibes. 

Smooth, peppery and slightly citrusy, this happy-go-lucky smoke balances stimulating and relaxing organic herbs.

Ideal to take with you to parties, festivals, trips and wherever other smokes might not be welcome.

 Sparks will fly.


Our story

Self Ceremony offers a wide variety of herbal and crystal products, all consciously curated and made with love. 

Our collection is designed to shift our habits into everyday rituals as a portal to self friendship. 

We’re a small, woman-owned business built with community in mind, driving greater reverence for our body, our inner landscape, and the magic in between.

A Self Ceremony is falling in love with the path of deep healing

We believe that rituals move us forward, bringing depth, beauty and meaning into our experience.

Our crystal and plant-based products feed love into the places of your body that most need it, infusing a sense of ritual and grounding to your self-care routine.


Giving Back

Self Care is Community care

We're committed to donating 5% of profits every month to collectives and non-profits that work towards social, reproductive and environmental justice and that support survivors.

Self Ceremony is

the celebration of self-care as a ceremony with yourself.

By turning a ritual into a ceremony, it becomes an experience that requires that you set time aside for yourself, a mindful pause, that not only grounds you in the present moment, but also paves the way to access your internal world.

Start Here

We know how stepping into a new world can be daunting.

We made this little guide to help you start your Self Ceremony by seeing through different lenses. 

Let your intuition do the rest.


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