obsidian comb

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Comb away the day’s stress and tension.

Crystal Combs are designed to bring gentle stimulation to the scalp and melt away the tension that makes it feel tight or tender. 

Scalp and head massage are also a valuable practice for people who have chronic headaches or jaw pain.


Also included:

  • a Love Note, a self-love reminder
  • a cotton zipper pouch

* Approx. size: 4 x 1.75 x 0.25 in / 10.3 x 4.2 x 0.7 cm
* Due to the natural material, each comb is unique and the colors vary.

Why we love Obsidian for the scalp and crown chakra

Obsidian's greatest gift is insight into the cause of dis-ease. It aids the digestion of anything that is hard to accept. It detoxifies, dissolving blockages and tension in the physical and subtle bodies.
Black Obsidian forces facing up to one's true self, taking you deep into the subconscious mind in the process. It brings imbalances and shadow qualities to the surface for release, highlighting hidden factors.
Black Obsidian is protective. It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts. It facilitates the release of old loves and provides support during change.

How to use

A good approach to scalp massage is to start closer to the face and temples, working your way back along the scalp until you reach the neck area in the back of the head. Cover all areas of the head to promote hair growth, as a massage can increase blood flow to the hair follicles. Head massage may also help with lymphatic drainage, which moves toxins and waste from cells. Both circulatory boosts can encourage the growth or thickening of hair, which can make it more resistant to damage and breakage.

Take time for a gentle loving massage and meditate focusing on the crown chakra.

 " I seek experiences that nourish my spirit. I seek to learn and understand from my past experiences. With Obsidian by my side, I'm a warrior, not a worrier."