Radiance Bundle

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The Radiance Bundle is a complete all-over bodycare ritual, combining our vegan and plastic-free Body Brush + Body Blessing Oil, our herbal massage oil slowly infused for a moon cycle with organic Rose, Helichrysum (Immortelle), Yarrow and Calendula flowers.

Our bodies hold memories of all of our experiences.

Dry brushing followed by a self-massage is a fantastic way to cultivate a deep non-verbal relationship with the emotional energies residing in the body, a way of transmitting a message of love, respect and reverence.

The Radiance Bundle includes:


Don't miss our guide on Dry Brushing as a Ritual for Renewal


Our approach to self-massage isn’t exactly muscular, it works on a cellular and emotional level. It nourishes the body, spirit, and mind while also detoxifying by increasing circulation, enhancing relaxation, and restoring energy.

Self-massage can start as a way to loosen up your muscles and heal joint pain, but you can turn it into a ritual that can teach you to love your body in a whole new way. 

TRY: self-massage naked, looking at yourself in the mirror. Throughout this ritual you can choose to focus on all the things you don’t love about your body, or you could use this opportunity to appreciate your strong, beautiful self.

Don't miss our guide on Dry Brushing as a Ritual for Renewal


Full self-massage guide included with your oil!

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