Relax Bundle

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jade eye mask + calma herbal bath salt

For the ultimate relaxing Self Ceremony, enjoy a full-sized pouch of Calma Herbal Salt Soak + Jade Mask for a special bundle price.

Let the mask enhance your self-care practice by unwinding your mind while soothing and relaxing your skin and facial muscles. Calma will take care of the rest!  You will feel renewed after this experience, it's a promise!

 Also included:

  • a cotton draw-string pouch for the mask.
  • a reusable cotton bag for the salts.
  • a Love Note, a self-love reminder.

Fill cotton bag and tie with a bow you will be able to untie for reuse. Run a warm bath. Let the bag steep as the tub fills (a few inches will do, please be mindful of our natural resources) Squeeze the fragrant herbal elixir out into your bath and onto your body. Relax and allow your spirit to bathe and soak for at least 20 minutes. 

Lay the mask over your eyes. Take a few long deep breaths and let go of all the tensions of the day and unwind your mind. Leave on as long as you’d like.

- Turn it upside down and place it over your mouth and jaw to soothe the tension accumulated there.

- For an extra cool pick-me-up feeling, try popping your mask in the fridge. For a soothing ritual, warm it up under warm water (not too hot for skin contact, of course).

- Try it also over a sheet mask! Or put it on when you have a headache or puffy eyes! The possibilities are endless. CREATE YOUR OWN SELF CEREMONY.

- An excellent complement to use after your Rose Quartz Roller, Gua Sha stone, and Jade comb.

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