*Pre Order* Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Pleasure Wand + The Heart

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>> Exclusive Pre Sale <<
The Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Wands have become our most sought-after item!
There's a small new batch on the way and we are having a pre-sale for those who don't want to miss the opportunity again!
The Wands will be shipped out in mid-November. To make this extra special we're adding a pack of our lovely heart-gladdening sensual blend The Heart, as a gift!
We know this pre-sale won't last long, so if you missed your chance before, this one's for you!
 * * * 
A Self Ceremony is about allowing ourselves to rewrite our personal narratives around pleasure, self expression and self worth. It’s about deconstructing the stereotypes and exploring our bodies deeply, openly, with kindness and integrity.
The Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Wand is curved in all the right places to keep you on the path to pleasure! Its slight curve allows for G-Spot exploration, pleasure massage and muscle release.
Turn it into your ally and explore yourself with intention and sensual awareness. Celebrate yourself: your pleasure is your own.
  • Length: 7" / 18 cm approx.
  • Width: 0.78" (2 cm) to 1.18" (3 cm) approx.
  • Weight: 8.3 oz / 238 g
  • Comes in a discrete cotton pouch with zipper.
  • + a Care Card with basic care tips and link to the How To guide
  • + a Love Note, a self love reminder
  • Due to the nature of crystals most wands will have surface level indentations. Shallow surface level indentations and cosmetic scratches are common and can be cleaned easily with water.

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