set of 3 herbal smoke blends

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Our three best-selling blends for a special price!

The Dream.
This supportive blend promotes relaxation, lifts low spirits, calms restless minds, and helps with digestion and restful sleep. Made with organic Mullein, Skullcap, Passion Flower, Lavender and Lemon Balm.

 The Heart.
A sensual blend of heart-opening herbs. Gentle, loving and supportive plant allies, help the spiritual heart feel joy while assisting us in our connection with others and our own selves. Blissful blend of organic Damiana, Mullein,  Raspberry leaves, Hibiscus petals, Linden leaves and flowers and Rose petals 

     The Shift.
    Ease the nervous system and allow the wisdom of this blend to unfold before you. Both sedative and stimulating, these plant allies promote an aware connection to the subconscious mind, enhancing intuition and creativity. Made with organic Mullein, Damiana, Egyptian Blue Lotus, Wild Lettuce and Mugwort.


    • All our herbs are certified organic.
    • Made in small batches to maintain high standards in artisanal production
    • Herbal blends are not addictive, do not contain tobacco or any addictive substances, and are not habit-forming. They are actually an ideal alternative to tobacco cigarettes.
    • Loose herbs allow you to roll you own, but they've been conceived to go hand in hand with our crystal pipes to get the healing energy of both worlds: crystals and plants.

    Also included:

    • a Care Card with basic care tips and link to the How To guide
    • a Love Note, a self love reminder