sisal scrub mitt

Say goodbye to nasty nylon gloves - and Hello to Sisal!

Sisal is a natural, compostable and renewable fiber that comes from a plant of the Agave family. Hand-harvested and knitted by a family-run women’s cooperative in Colombia, this mitt will give you a nice exfoliation while you massage your body.
Ideal for a firm but gentle exfoliation and an invigorating self-massage!

6” x 10” / 15 x 25.4 cm

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For a firm but gentle exfoliation:

  • Soak the mitt and add your favorite liquid soap.
  • Stroke on wet skin, from the outermost points of your body inwards, working rhythmically in short, and gentle strokes, always towards the heart: upwards on the limbs and downwards on the chest and upper back.
  • Stroke counterclockwise around the belly and spend extra time on any stagnant areas, smoothing the elbows, knees, toes, and the armpits and legs to prep the skin for shaving. This gentle yet intense exfoliation will minimize ingrown hairs and increase the elasticity of the skin, strengthening it over time.
  • Give yourself a massage while you’re at it!

While the pressure should be firm and invigorating, be gentle with your skin; it should feel stimulated, not irritated.
After your usual process of bathing be sure to moisturize thoroughly. The exfoliating effects allow body lotions and oils to penetrate the skin more effectively.

After each use, just rinse your Sisal Mitt with clean, cool water, shake it out, and hang to dry. The faster it dries, the longer it will last.

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