Building a sacred space to find Balance / Self Ceremony for uncertain times.


For this Full Moon in Libra we invite you to build an altar as a way to find balance and acceptance through creativity.

There is no right or wrong way to do this, but there here are a few guidelines that might help you in the process:


  • clear a space of all objects. Lovingly wash the space with warm water and burn your favorite incense or any other herbs you have at hand.

  • if this is your first time creating an altar find a space that won’t be disturbed. This is just for you. If you share the space with others, a drawer, a space in the closet or even a jar will do if you need to keep it quiet. This should be a space that feels truly yours, where you can express freely, where you can find safety whenever you need it. 

Small altar in a jar. Sacred space for uncertain times. Self Ceremony. Balance.

Now you have a blank canvas in front of you! We are not going to follow any strict rituals, instead we are going to meditate towards finding the balance that we may need right now. 

Turn inside for guidance:

  • What areas of my life are out of balance? 
  • How does that reflect in my body?
  • What do I need to bring myself back into balance?
  • What makes me feel grounded?
  • What are my greatest strengths?
  • How am I powerful?
  • What gives me a sense of security?
  • Who or what protects me?
  • With whom do I have to make peace?
  • What do I need to accept?
  • With what do I have to reconcile with?

Self Ceremony Altar for Balance


Get clear on what aspects you are ready to embody more. What elements can represent this in your altar? 
Do they correspond to any of the elements? (fire, earth, water, air)
Are there any objects that represent what you want to cultivate more of in your life? An old photo? A crystal? A tarot card? Fresh flowers? Candy? 

If you cannot find an element now, feel free to write them down or draw them and place them in your altar.

Full Moon in Libra. Find balance in uncertain times. Self Ceremony.

 Decorate it with powerful and meaningful elements. Your altar should reflect your taste! If you prefer things to be clean and minimal, lean that way. If you’re into excess, go nuts. This is your space to do with as you please, so take that opportunity and BREATHE THROUGH IT.

There is no right or wrong. The element you choose are symbols which transcend the limitation of verbal thinking. 

Altar for balance.Libra full moon. Full moon ceremony. Ritual for balance.

 Give yourself permission to be spontaneous, intuitive and creative without judgement. We are living through unprecedented and painful days. Give yourself this time to come to terms with what is happening in our world and in your inner landscape. 

When you feel you are done, say this affirmation:

I hold my power with my own hands. My security lies within. 

May this practice nourish the connection with your energy and needs.
May your altar support you and the parts of you that are worried, that are scared.
May you come back to it when you feel overwhelmed and lost.
May you also come back to honor your need to feel joy and pleasure.

Revisit your altar every time you need to reconnect to your own inner healer.

Happy Full Moon in Libra!

I love you.



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