Calming, soothing, and nurturing–like a warm hug from the inside out. A gentle spirit. 

Latin: Matricaria chamomilla 

Class: nervine, carminative, diaphoretic

Taste: Sweet, acrid, slightly bitter

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Traditional Use  

Womb support, gynecological imbalances ranging from dysmenorrhea to ovarian cysts, easing inflammation and redness, and calming the nervous system. 

Spiritual Use

Deep-rooted comfort, sacred mother/matriarchal figure, inviting gentle balance.


Improved sleep quality, anxiety and stress support, menstrual support. 


Those with asthma, allergies to ragweed, aster, or chrysanthemum, and pregnant people should avoid the use of chamomile.

Methods: flowers, usually dried 

Chamomile in Self Ceremony products: