Brass incense burner with screen


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We love this elegant brass incense burner!

The screen lid makes burning incense super easy: flip it over and create a concave nook that will hold the charcoal disc in place.

Once the herbs have turned into ash you can easily scrape them off the charcoal disc, right into the vessel while the charcoal sits on top- effortless and easy to clean.

It comes with a heat-resistant hand-carved wood coaster. For use with charcoal discs.

  • Solid Brass with removable screen lid
  • Size: 3 inches in diameter (7.6 cm) by 1.5 inches tall (3.8 cm)
  • Includes hand-carved wood coaster, 3 inches in diameter

CAUTION: Charcoal will cause burner to get hot. Please insure that your burner is placed on wood coaster or other heat resistant material. Never handle hot burner with your hands. Keep away from kids and pets.
  • Prepare your vessel:

A screened charcoal burner like this one is best! Make sure the screen in concave, this way it will create a nook for the disc to stay in place inside your burner.  (Charcoal touching metal won’t burn, so if your burner does’t have a screen add sand to the bottom of the vessel, and place charcoal on top)

This is important: make sure your container is heat-proof, metal is definitely the BEST option. Charcoal gets very hot! Other materials can/will break and you can end up starting a fire. Please be cautious.

  • Light the charcoal with a candle or a torch lighter. 

Quick-igniting charcoal will start sparkling. Avoid the smoke released from the sparkles. (For not quick-igniting charcoal we suggest burning it for a couple of minutes on stovetop or on burner with torch lighter) 

Always hold charcoal with tongs.

  • When charcoal gets a ring of ash, it’s ready for the incense!

Add a pinch of loose incense (with fingers if you are careful, or use a metal spoon if you’re extra careful)  Resin will boil, then melt into the charcoal. Herbs burn faster, wait until they are charred to scrape them off the charcoal to add more.

This is why screened burners are the best! It’s so easy to scrape them off into the vessel!

To make the charcoal burn hotter or faster, tap the ashes off, leave the ashes if you choose a slower burn.

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