- a step-by-step guide to getting
the most out of your tool at home-

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< this guide comes included as a printout when you order your Gua Sha tool, to give you some time away from staring at your screen >
Ok! You've got your Gua Sha Stone, now what?

Pure bliss:

Make sure your face and your Gua Sha tool are freshly washed before beginning your self treatment.
Using moisturizing products, like your favorite moisturizer or oil, before your Gua Sha practice will help the benefits of the treatment better affect your skin, and also help the tool glide more easily.  

The first step of the Gua Sha treatment is to start with your neck area. Any progress that is to be made on the face will be wasted if your neck has not been cleared of any tension it may be holding, so first we must treat the neck as to give the tension an escape from the face.


  • CLEAN YOUR SKIN. This is super important since the massage will help any product sink deeper into your skin, so the same applies for old makeup, sweat, and dirt. 

  • GENEROUSLY HYDRATE your face and neck with your favorite spray hydrator and while it's still damp apply your facial oil. This will help the Gua Sha tool to glide more smoothly over your skin, and will also allow for greater absorption and increased benefits of the product. Pat and press it into your skin gently.

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  • GET MASSAGING! Now comes the fun part: your self gua sha treatment. You should always keep the tool as flat as possible to your body, not perpendicular as you might imagine. Your pressure should be light to medium, and your speed should be slow, with intention. 



    • The Cervical Spine Release: Start by placing the tool with the notches facing down, on the back of your neck, where it meets your back. The two notches should hug your spine. Then, stroke up your neck until you enter your hairline and find the place where your neck meets your skull. When you reach this point, you can wiggle the tool back and forth for a little massage. Repeat 5 times or more. 

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    • Side Neck and Shoulder Release: Using the longest edge of the tool, place it on your skin where your shoulder meets your arm. Then, sweep up your shoulder and neck until you hit bone behind your ear. Wiggle the tool here for a massage. Repeat 5 times on each side of your neck.

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    • Front Neck Release: Start by choosing one side of your chest, and placing your hand right beneath your collar bone. Then using the longest side of the tool, meet your fingers beneath your collar bone. Then sweep up until you meet your jaw bone, wiggling for a massage. Repeat 5 or times or more on each side. 


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    • Lastly, place your fingers on your sternum between your two collar bones. With the notched edge of the tool, meet your fingers at your sternum and lightly stroke up the very front of your neck until you meet the bone under your chin, massaging with a wiggle. Repeat 5 times or more. Remember to keep the tool as flat to your skin as possible for this step, even though it might be a little bit more difficult than it was for the other portions of your neck.

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    2. MOVING UP. Now we move to the bulk of the treatment, your face!

    • The Jaw: Place a finger on the center of your chin and press firmly. Using the notched edge of the tool, hug the notches to your jaw, with one notch above and one notch below the bone. Move the tool all the way back along your jaw until you reach your ear, where you will wiggle the tool for a massage, repeating 5 times or more on each side.

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    • The Cheek: Place a finger next to the base of your nose, and meet It with the long edge of the tool. Sweep the tool outward to your ear, sweeping slightly upward as you do this. Wiggle when you meet your ear. Repeat 5 times or more on each side.

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    • The Under Eye: For this portion of the face use very very light pressure since the skin is so delicate and sensitive. Start by placing your ring finger under the inner corner of your eye. Meet one of the notches of your tool to your finger. Sweep under the eye, and then angle upward once you pass the outer edge of your eye, moving toward your temple, wiggling once you reach it. Repeat 5 times or more on each side.  


    Pro Tip! Just how light should that under eye stroke be? You might like to visualize ever so softly skimming over the surface of water. 


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    • The Brow: Place your finger between your eyebrows and meet the notched edge to your finger. There should be a notch on either side of your brow, above and below. Sweep outward, curving upward to your temple once you reach the edge of your brow, and wiggling when you meet it. Repeat 5 times or more on each side. 

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    • The Forehead: Very gently, place your finger under your brow bone, touching your eyeball through the lid. Place the long edge of the tool against your fingers and then roll up over your brow bone, and continue up into the hairline, where you will wiggle to massage. Repeat 5 times or more on each side.

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    • The Center Forehead: Place a finger between your eyebrows. Meet the bottom corner of the tool to your fingers and pull up to your hairline where you will massage. Repeat 5 times or more. 

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    3. And last but not least:

    CLEAN YOUR GUA SHA TOOL with warm soapy water. Remember, the tool will be touching your skin again soon, so this should always always ALWAYS be your final step. 


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