Once you receive your Wand, you’ll want to give it a gentle cleaning. Place it in a bowl of warm water with some mild or PH-balanced soap.

Please do not boil, it will crack.

Gently move the water for a few seconds and leave the wand soaking for up to 5 minutes. Rinse clean and allow to air dry or gently wipe dry with a cloth.

After cleansing, sync it with your body: 
Please take the time to care and connect with your Wand. Start by finding a quiet space where you can meditate while holding the chosen crystal between your hands. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. 

There are no rules. Create your own ceremony:

Light candles, put on your favorite sensual music or nature sounds, scent the room… you name it. Give yourself time to create this safe space and fall in love with yourself.

TIP: Try your Pleasure Wand cold and warm (you can warm it with your body or under warm water) dry, wet or coated with your favorite glide (coconut oil is our favorite so far!)

- Spend some time with your wand by putting it close to you or on your body. Some people like to place the wand on their chest and meditate. Others like to keep it next to their bed or under their pillow.

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It's important to not focus on the outcome.

Expectations kill joy. Be present in this moment of intimacy with yourself, and watch what unfolds. A Self Ceremony is about allowing ourselves to rewrite our personal narratives around pleasure, self expression and self worth. It’s about deconstructing the stereotypes and old patterns, and exploring our bodies deeply, openly, with kindness and integrity.

- Set an intention for this ceremony with your wand:

While holding it in your hands set intentions for this moment.

Do you want to lead with your heart more today? Is this a ceremony for intimate self-discovery? A ceremony for closing a chapter and turning the page? A ritual for gratitude? Have you thanked your body today?

Whatever is on your heart, allow your mind to speak it out loud. We include a
 Love Note to encourage you in this practice. 

- Crystals are very sensitive to energies, so it’s important that only you are in contact with your wand. Not only for hygienic purposes but because crystals have the ability to absorb other energies.

Take a deep breath and let yourself melt into this sacred time of self-love and pleasure, and allow the energetic vibes of your Wand to deepen your relationship with you sensual self. 

- Remember to clean it after each use with a mild or PH balanced soap and warm water. Never put this or other crystals in boiling water, it will crack.

TIP: In addition to sexual discovery and pleasure, wands are also great for whole body massage. You can roll the wands (especially the larger ones) all over your body. They are good for pressuring areas in the body that are holding tension.  

- Keep your crystal in a safe sacred space, free from chemicals, direct sunlight or items that may cause damage.