-our step by step guide-



  • CLEAN your skin. This is super important since the massage will help any product sink deeper into your skin, so the same applies for old make up, sweat and dirt.
  • HYDRATE your skin with your favorite moisturizer or facial oil. This will help the roller to glide more smoothly over your face, and will also allow for greater absorption of the product by your skin. 

  • Set a positive intention for this ceremony with your crystal roller: you may want it to provide you with clarity, healing peace or self love. We include a Love Note to encourage you in this practice. You can say this intention quietly to yourself or speak it out loud. 
  • GET ROLLING! Now comes the fun part. Just follow this simple rule: always from the center, out. If it helps, visually divide your face in half  -left and right - and work one side at a time.


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    1. START WITH YOUR CHEST. Use gentle pressure, this is key. No red marks please! Always perform outward and upward strokes, passing over the same patch of your skin 3 to 4 times, always picking up your roller and placing it back at the start (don’t go backwards).
    2. MOVE UP. From the chest, go to the neck, chin/jawline (from your nose out towards your ear)
    3. USE THE SMALLER END for the area under your eye and eyelid (aaaah! Feels sooo good!). Move super gently from the inner corner of your eye out to the temple.
    4. BACK TO THE BIGGER END. Use it on your eyebrow, roll out and down, following your brow bone.
    5. ALMOST DONE. Go to your forehead (start in the middle and roll out. This are is particularly soothing, isn’t it?
    6. NOW SWITCH SIDES! Breath in. Breath out. Do the same exact thing on the other side of your face. 
    7. FINISH with an upward roll from between your eyebrows up to the hairline.


 And last but not least:
CLEAN YOUR ROLLER with warm soapy water. Remember, the roller will be touching your skin again soon, so this should always always ALWAYS be your final step. 



The whole process should take 2 to 4 minutes, depending on how many passes you’re doing.

If your skin flushes a little, that’s good! Circulation in increasing.


TIP: Rose Quartz stays cool longer than jade, but if you’d like a morning pick-me-up, try popping your roller in the fridge!


Let us say it again: Don’t forget to CLEAN YOUR ROLLER with warm, soapy water. Remember, the roller will be touching your skin again soon, so this should always always ALWAYS be your final step.