rose quartz facial gua sha tool + printed guide

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This is the little and unique tool we recommend for beginners to practice facial Gua Sha at home. The ergonomic design is hand carved to adapt to the shape and contours of the face and is used to perform a relaxing decongesting facial massage.

Made of beautiful Rose Quartz this stone has the right shape to:

  • Release tight muscles and fascia
  • Invigorate and open circulation pathways
  • Vitalize your tissues
  • Lift and contour your features
  • Smooth and brighten your skin texture
  • Open your sinuses
  • Relieve headaches, and so much more!

Ideal for all skin types!

  • Approx. size: 2.25 x 3.25 inches / 5.7 x 8.25 cm
  • Due to the natural material, each tool is unique and the colors vary.
  • Crystals are delicate, please handle with care.

Also included:


Gua Sha is a technique that involves gently pulling a crystal tool along the skin, stimulating all of its layers. Having stood the test of time and being passed down for centuries from ancient Chinese Empresses to the modern day goddess, Gua Sha is a holistic treatment that helps to:

  • clarify your complexion
  • decrease dryness and oiliness by increasing blood circulation.
  • reduce acne breakouts
  • clear rosacea
  • reduce eye and facial puffiness
  • address the root of aging that topical products cannot
  • decrease muscle tension
  • move the lymphatic fluid while giving an almost immediate lift and radiant glow
Gua Sha affirmation: "all the tension melts aways”

This stone works with our How To Facial Gua Sha: a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your tool.  A printed version of this guide is included.

Combine Gua Sha with a Rose Quartz Roller for the ultimate Self Ceremony. Check it out!

Rose Quartz is known as the love stone and is associated with the heart chakra. It has a powerful, versatile energy that can enhance positives forces in virtually any situation: it promotes unconditional love, forgiveness, infinite peace and compassion. It brings a deep inner healing, enhancing self-love, trust and confidence.

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