The Light Bundle


Introducing a new, limited edition bundle in collaboration with Jai Knight.

The Light Bundle is created with the intention to help folks support their spiritual or personal practice in darker or liminal times, through uncertainty and change.

The Light Bundle:
1 Unique Beeswax Candle sculpture + 1 small sun catcher + your choice of The Shift or The Vision Herbal Smokes (or both!)


Jai crafted these candle sculptures outdoors on Shoshone + Cahuilla land with 100% local beeswax. Each one is unique, sculpted in collaboration with the heat of the sun. Flowers and creosote essence naturally find their way into the wax.

Please burn with intention. Do not leave the flame unattended. See this as the precious liminal light you, I, we are.

Sun catcher (small):

This little bundle of joy breathes in the rays of sunlight and creates something stunning with it. It speaks to our inner child and gives our mind something beautiful to focus on.

The Shift Herbal Smokes (6-pack):

The plant medicine from this blend promotes a shift into a new perspective, a permission to change and unfold. An aware connection to the subconscious mind, enhancing intuition and creativity.

The Vision Herbal Smokes (6-pack):

This blend stimulates you to stay focused on your vision. Both a coffee alternative and a smoking cessation aid, it helps boost energy, enhance memory and nourish your senses to counter mental fatigue. Stay focused and motivated!

About Jai Knight:

Jai is and interdisciplinary artist currently living in SW USA. Their work consists of the transformation of literal and metaphorical waste into physical artwork and socially engaged projects integrating ritual in connection with land.

"I am a Biospheric artist informed by intensive re-integration and decolonization through solitude in the wilderness, feminist stewardship and herbalism. I consider the whole ecosystem when creating land-based spaces and objects. Art is my tool for transforming trauma. My largest land-based sculpture, Rainwater Harvest, is a 300 ft contour swale located in the Mojave Desert (USA) made to catch rainwater during the wet season, a walkway during dry times, and is the foundation for a food forest. This work is both aesthetic and utilitarian. All of my current work is created using regenerative practices which is accelerated by community involvement. My process is interdisciplinary extending beyond installation into paper, paint, and ink making, sculpture, mapping, and weaving. My intention with creating large-scale land based work is to reconnect humans to the sacred cyclical nature we all embody. "


 *** Discount codes do not apply to bundles. Items that are in a bundle are already listed at a discounted price. 

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