Incense as an invitation home

By Nyla Noor.

With the dancing plumes of smoke, the spark of fire, and the aromas that envelop our senses, incense speaks an ancient language we all seem to understand.

The simple yet potent practice of ritually burning incense is one that has the ability to guide us back home each day. You don’t need much to make your self ceremonies impactful. You simply need intention and the right tools.

Here are a few ways we’ve grown to love using our new loose incense.

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Each day is a clean slate

We love to use our Clean Slate loose incense blend as the invitation for our day. Packed with bright herbal allies like birch bark, lemongrass, honeysuckle, and jasmine, this blend awakens the senses and purifies the space with such playful plumes of smoke.

The most notable component of this blend is Copal. This potent resin is sustainably cultivated in Mexico and invites the ancestors to join you as you greet the sun, the sky, and the new potential.

This blend reminds us that with a little presence and intention, each day is an invitation to begin anew.

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The hearth leads to the heart

Hearth is a grounding and heart-opening ally for us. It brings a deep sense of warmth and comfort while allowing us to tend to our own inner fires. It reminds us that no matter how far we may have journeyed, we can always make our way back home.

For this reason, we love to use this incense blend at the end of our day when we’re feeling the need to refill our own cups.

Cedar, Rose petals, Yerba Santa, and Frankincense form a supportive network for our beautiful, beating hearts. Just as the comfort of the warm fire brings us to a place of peace, this combination of balanced herbal allies paves a clear path inward.

For me, Yerba Santa is the star of the show. This deeply feminine herb is one whose medicinal aroma feels like a warm, nurturing embrace. It is oftentimes described as having the spirit of a grandmother. This herb is used all over the North America and goes by many names.

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Our self ceremony:

  1. Begin by setting up your heat proof dish, burning method, and preparing your herbs.
  2. Grab a small pinch of your loose incense and place them in the palm of your hand.
  3. Take a moment to admire them. Observe the little petals of jasmine flowers and roses, touch the smooth edges of the frankincense, and notice the blades of lemongrass.
  4. Set your intentions. With the plant allies still in the palm of your hand, bring your other palm to your heart and speak your intentions for the day. Do you want to lead with your heart more today? Enjoy the little things a bit deeper? Whatever is on your heart, speak into the incense.
  5. Offer your incense to the heat. Whether you’re igniting your incense with charcoal or a flame, offer the incense with gratitude and acknowledgment of your intentions. Allow the fire to receive it.
  6. Observe the plumes of smoke. As the fire consumes the plant matter and your intentions alike, imagine the smoke as a carrier for your intentions up to the heavens.
  7. Give gratitude. Close your simple, yet potent self ceremony with authentic, patient, and heartfelt gratitude.


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Lean into connection

Our rituals and tools remind us that every day, every moment, every breath is a ceremony worth taking the time to experience. These simple rituals are ways to connect back to our innate, divine ways of moving with the flow of it all. They remind us that there is a deep, interwoven connection we feel with the world around us once we give ourselves the time to connect within.

Lean into it.

Let the smoke guide you home.

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