Self Ceremony is the celebration of self care as a ceremony with yourself.

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Self Ceremony offers a wide variety of herbal and crystal products, all consciously curated and made with love. 

Our collection is designed to shift our habits into everyday rituals as a portal to self friendship. 

We’re a small, woman-owned business built with community in mind, driving greater reverence for our body, our inner landscape, and the magic in between.

Through our products and writings we’re committed to changing the conversation around sexuality and self care to one of self love, self trust, pleasure and joy. 

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We believe that by turning a ritual into a ceremony you become more in tune with what is truly meaningful to you and hold space to celebrate it.

Self care becomes an experience that requires you to set time aside for yourself, a mindful pause, that not only grounds you in the present moment, but also paves the way to access your internal world.

It’s an experience from beginning to end, a reflection of what matters to you and the ways you want to take care of your needs. And by making these choices you are choosing your authentic self over and over, from a place of love, self-worth, nourishment and beauty.

We wish to encourage you on your journey, stimulating your own abilities to heal and understand your personal power through crystals and plants as your allies.

These are the types of Self Ceremonies we celebrate:
- a communion with plants through Smoke
- a connection with your sensual Self through Pleasure Wands
- a meditative kind of Skin and Body care
- an Altar Collection with sustainably sourced herbs and resins for intentional, cleansing and grounding rituals.


We are here and we care. We are a small business and we love our community. We love to learn and grow and heal together. If you have any ideas, comments, suggestions, questions, need someone to listen to you, we are here.

This is your Self Ceremony. We hope you make your Self at home and cherish this experience as much as we do. We welcome you to take whatever resonates with you and share it with those that make you vibrate higher.

About the founder

Self Ceremony is owned and solely run by me, Mariana, a queer woman from Argentina. My pronouns are she/her and I like to include “Ella” because Spanish is my first language. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I’ve been living in the US since 2014, first in NY and now in the desert in California. 

I don’t talk much about myself on Self Ceremony's social media because that’s not what Self Ceremony is about. But I believe in investing in people, relationships and projects I can relate with. I hope this little intro helps us get to know each other and sparks a conversation. You can always find me at

Some words that resonate deeply with me right now:

"Give yourself time and space to restore and regenerate as often as you need to. Make that the foundation of your practice. How you care for your body, mind, heart and spirit directly affects how you care for everybody else. Including this most magnificent world, who needs us all so much more now than ever.”

- Bryonie Wise, ‘Stories my mama told me after she was gone’


Self Ceremony is and always will be a space for community and diversity. A space where joy and pleasure are celebrated, never something to feel guilty about. A space for being, learning and unlearning. A way to honor our time to rest, recover and reflect.



Self Ceremony