Frequently Asked Questions


- Where do you source your crystals from?

We agree on how important it is to be a conscious consumer, so thank you for asking these questions.

Our crystals are sourced mainly from Brazil, the US and China (Jade)
All our crystals are sustainably sourced, and we work with small companies in order to know who we are in a business relationship with. We always ask our suppliers about the mines, their conditions and how crystals are processed, to make sure they are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. 


- Where do you source your herbs from?

We’re dedicated to sourcing with the highest standards with certified organic, sustainably-harvested, including locally grown when possible and kosher certified herbs, mostly from farms in California and Oregon.


- What about packaging?

We try to use as little plastic and unnecessary packaging as possible. We reuse our protective packaging material to generate less waste. We skip the boxes (other than the mailer box) and provide a reusable cotton pouch for each crystal product.


- Dow you ship internationally?

As of September 2020, we're based in Twentynine Palms, California, USA. We ship internationally via UPS and DHL. You can read more info on international shipping here.


- How are you giving back?

We believe in self-care as the stepping stone towards community care. Self-care is overthrowing the systems that are designed to define, restrict and police who we are.
We acknowledge and honor the work, labour and activism carried out by BIPOC. We donate 10% of profits every month to COVID relief funds, collectives that support LGBTSTGNC people of color, and non-profits that work towards reproductive and racial justice. 



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