Pleasure Incense Cones - Limited edition!

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Pleasure and reflection are cornerstones of a self ceremony. 

We’ve created the Pleasure Incense to help cultivate and celebrate your pleasure rituals.

Scent is such a powerful tool. It stimulates our nervous system and it can move us into a state of relaxation, bring joy and even clarity.

The scent of the Pleasure Incense encourages sensuality, love, intrigue, comfort and joy. It revitalizes the spirit and brings a sense of being grounded and present in the body.

Each box contains 7 handmade incense cones. 

Made with:
  • Organic Rose: opens and uplifts a heavy heart, lifting the spirit and offering comfort in difficult moments, while soothing grief and sadness.
  • Organic Patchouli: smelling patchouli sends an instant, yet sweet and gentle wake-up call to your nervous system. Awakening, bold, and uplifting– perfect for when you need a dose of motivation or a splash of confidence!
  • Makko: the bark of the Machillus Thunbergii tree, used in incense making for centuries. Naturally combustible, burns evenly and smoothly.

Free of charcoal, synthetic ingredients and essential oils. Made with organic powdered herbs only.


Cones produce more heat than sticks or coils, so you’ll want to make sure your burner is heat proof. Spreading a layer of sand, salt, or uncooked rice can also help absorb the heat.

Light the tip of the cone with a lighter or match, and allow to burn for 20 seconds. The way that you light up the incense can affect whether it keeps burning or not. To prevent you from relighting the incense, light up the tip then wait for it to catch fire. The fire will usually die but the ember remains. If the fire doesn’t die on its own, you can blow it off gently or fan your hand to put it off.

Just don’t blow the flame out too quickly. 

Allow the cone to burn down to the base. Incense cones will burn for around 20 minutes, but may produce more smoke than other kinds of incense.

Each cone is handmade with makko powder, and organic rose petals and patchouli leaves that have been turned into powder in our studio. 

We follow the most natural and sustainable way of making artisanal incense cones, free of any synthetic, combustible substances and/or artificial fragrances. We do not use essential oils either, which require enormous quantities of plant material to create a single drop.

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