"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

We know how stepping into a new world can be daunting. We made this little guide to help you start your Self Ceremony by seeing through different lenses. 
Let your intuition do the rest.

Types of ceremonies & their benefits:

S M * K E

Connection with breath.
Direct communion with plants.
Stimulates all the senses.
Stops time.
Calms the mind.
Smells delicious.



Heals from inside out. 
Cultivates radiance.
Develops a compassionate relationship with our body.
Stimulates blood and lymph flow.
Breaks up any stagnation.
Rest as ceremony.


Grounding and centering.
Increases your flow of se*ual hormones.
Cultivates a strong connection with your sensual self.
Self-discovery. Self-awareness. Boundaries.
Develops stronger *rgasms.
Makes you fall in love with yourself.

Why plants as medicine.

herbs apothecary damiana rose blue lotus wild lettuce skullcap lavender plant medicine


Herbal medicine is one of the most satisfying practices. Used since ancient times in every culture and every land, herbal wisdom is truly a wonderful system of medicine. Used joyously and judiciously, herbs are capable of bringing incredible health, energy and vitality into our lives. 

Plants are the true alchemists of the natural world: taking carbon dioxide and giving back oxygen, taking nitrogen to transform it into amino acids, in communion with the Sun, the Moon, air, water, and earth and their surroundings. Plants build all kinds of chemicals in constant relationship to the circumstances in which they find themselves: they make medicine for themselves, for other plants, for the environment around them, and for us.


Why Crystals.

crystal healing holistic wellness intentional mindful peace self-love slow life

Crystals have a specific and clear vibration. By openly engaging with these vibrations, crystals can act as a tuning fork to help recalibrate your vibrations to a more aligned place, helping you to be more balanced physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In other words, they resonate at frequencies that help you align, relax, energize and balance your own rhythms.


How to choose your crystal.

By its looks:
Even if you think you are choosing the stones for aesthetic reasons, intuitively you are attracted to the stone for its metaphysical benefits. You will choose the crystal that you need, or actually, the crystal will choose you.



By your needs:
Try having an intention in your mind, that way you’ll know which crystal resonates most for your needs.

Follow these keywords to touch base or click on each name to dive deeper:

-Luck and prosperity
-Embrace change with optimism

Lapis Lazuli
-Activates intellectual abilities
-Useful for learning and communication
-Unifies the mind and the voice

-Ideal for meditation
-Helps relieve stress and anxiety
-Promotes relaxation for sleep
-Helps balance hormones.

Clear Quartz
-“Master healer”
-Helps you attune to your highest state of health
-Promotes clarity of mind

-Calms an over active mind
-Increases understanding and patience
-Assists in goal realization

-Brings buried emotions to the surface
-Helps reclaiming your power
-Provides deep healing and protection
-Helps to release trauma held in the body
-Promotes peace and stability

Rose Quartz
-Heart opening
-Promotes love, starting with yourself
-Encourages forgiveness
-Good for times of crisis 
-Positive transformations
-Strengthens trust in the Universe
-Boosts connection with your intuition
-Encourages flow of serendipity and synchronicity

-Self knowledge
-Self acceptance
-Assists in finding life's purpose
-Understanding of the shadow
-Helps in major life changes