Dry brushing as a ritual for renewal.

Whether practiced as a daily ritual, a weekly indulgence or an occasional pleasure, dry brushing holds the power to transform.

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Dry Brushing is one of our favorite rituals for renewal.

While it leads to softer, glowing skin, its benefits go more than skin deep.

Dry brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage, boosts circulation and exfoliates the skin, increasing its elasticity and tone. Both active and meditative, it balances the nervous system by stimulating nerve endings. Using the body’s own pathways of cleansing, dry brushing eases stress and tension while energizing the body, creating a stimulating current that flows beyond the skin’s surface.

When dry brushing for the first time, you can literally see dead skin falling off of the body, like an old suit that does’t fit quite well anymore.

It’s an enlivening wake-up call to every cell, especially if practiced in the morning, by getting the lymph and blood moving.

When the process of lymphatic drainage slows, waste can accumulate and compromise the immune system, which can manifest in illness, inflammation and the uneven appearance of the skin. Dry brushing helps to move the lymph by gently massaging and stimulating the vessels that carry lymph fluid underneath the skin.

By performing ceremonies, change happens.

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  • On dry skin, begin with light, gentle brush strokes and adapt to match the sensitivity of your skin. Only practice and experience can be your teacher.

  • Start at the extremities, brush in short brisk strokes starting from the tips of the fingers, toes and soles.
    Brush inwards from the outermost points of your body, working rhythmically in longer, and gentle strokes, always towards the heart: upwards on the limbs and downwards on the chest and upper back.
  • Brush counterclockwise around the belly. Make circles around the joints, the belly and the backside. 
  • Spend extra time  on any stagnant areas such as the inner thighs or underarms, and in areas where lymph nodes are concentrated: the groin, armpits, stomach, and breast tissue. This gentle yet intense exfoliation also minimizes ingrown hairs.

  • The whole process should take about 2-5 minutes.

  • While the pressure should be firm and invigorating, be gentle with your skin; it should feel stimulated, not irritated.

Work with your own natural rhythm and follow the calls of your own body. Slow down in areas you feel need a bit more love, support, and help to shed.
As you brush, we invite you to reflect on your lessons, your challenges, and your wins. Brush away all that you’d like to let go of.

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  • After dry brushing, follow your usual process of bathing, and be sure to moisturize thoroughly. The exfoliating effects of dry brushing allow body lotions and oils to penetrate the skin more effectively. Hydrating with Body Blessing Oil after dry brushing will further support circulation, reduce stress and let you bask in even more self love.

  • To clean your brush: clean the bristles several times with a dry cloth or tap the brush on the sink basin, in order to remove any skin particles. You can also spray with water + 5 drops of tea tree essential oil. Let air dry. Don't submerge brush completely in water and avoid wetting the wood. It’s important to get the brush dry as quickly as possible.

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